Electronics Projects -Innovation System Plus:

Electronics Projects makes industry and physical world automated and technologically efficient.  As we put tiny computers into all sorts of systems (Smart Home, Door locks, greenhouse, Renewable Energy, Digital Automation, LED Display etc), how we implement the electronics projects is true, important. Writing software code for these products can be quite difficult because the systems have so few resources.

Innovation System Plus has the capability and qualified professional to interface the different type of hardware and sensor communication to make the dream electronic project in reality. We are capable to deal with an advance microcontroller (PICK, 8051, MSC 430, ARM, Raspberry Pi etc.) to communicate the hardware.


  • We built the whole control-command for a different industry, with high-performance requirements, we developed and employed a strategy of formalization for a different area. We used Embedded Matlab Modelling and Automatic Transformation in embedded safety code allowing system regulation to be confidential.
  • We use advanced technology and software tools to meet the need of clients and it allows a drastic reduction of both development and recurrent cost for our customer.
  • For telecommunication projects, we use standard Telecom protocol and all the advance technology GSM, GPS, WiFi, LiFi etc.
  • For a medical device industry, we support them with embedded electronics system to make the device function as per the medical need like temperature sensor, pulse sensor, real-time medical image processing and video processing.
  • We provide patient monitoring system by GPS, GSM, and complete communication from accident place to hospital reach by the shortest way.
  • We not only concern with the successful completion of the electronics projects but we provide full support also after making the project live and our team helps the client end to end support.


  • Electronics Projects-Innovation System PlusElectronics Product
  • Design
  • Embedded Systems
  • PCB Design
  • Electronics Prototyping
  • Firmware & Software Programming
  • IEEE Projects
  • VLSI
  • PIC, ARM, RTOS, IOT, Python
  • LabVIEW