Data Science Project Description:

Data Science is the vast subject that incorporate statistical tools, data mining tools etc that allows us to practice obtaining, exploring, modelling and interpreting the data. The scope of Data Science is vast it covers  programming, statistics, mathematics, machine learning, data analysis, visualization, and big data.Data Science Project Final Year: Innovation System Plus

Innovation System Plus offers complete learning environment for the data science training and  provides complete assistance on Research Works for final year and pre-final year students. Data Science Projects at Innovation System Plus incorporate the ideas for Electronics Engineering, Embedded Electronics and  Software Engineering that offers a wide range of Embedded System, MATLABVLSI, MATLAB Simulink , Data Science and Software Project Solutions like Web Development, Web Applications, Android Apps etc.

Innovation System Plus is committed to provide 100 % satisfaction to the students & research scholar and give them the complete knowledge on the specific Data Science Projects and Research Works  that make them ready for  the challenging corporate environment and finish the project  with in the specified deadline with plagiarism free report writing as per university guidelines.

IEEE Based projects on Data Science:

  1. Mining the Most Influential k-Location Set From Massive Trajectories (IEEE 2017).
  2. Energy-Efficient Query Processing in Web Search   Engines (IEEE 2017).
  3. Topological Approach to Symbolic Pole-Zero Extraction Incorporating Design Knowledge (IEEE 2017).
  4. Novelty Indicator for Enhanced Prioritization of Predicted Gene Ontology Annotations (IEEE 2017).
  5. Learning Multi-instance Deep Discriminative Patterns for Image Classification (IEEE 2017)