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PhD Assistance-Innovation System Plus

Innovation System Plus is the prestigious company providing PhD Assistance to the research scholars.  We offer learning environment and   We support various research scholar from different organisations in providing prime writing and data analytical services. Our specialized experts identify and understood research scholar requirements and assist accordingly to deliver technically sound project within the requested time frame.

Innovation System Plus offers complete PhD Assistance on NS2 and NS3 Projects and  for final year and pre-final year students also. NS2 and NS3 Projects at Innovation System Plus incorporate the ideas for Electronics Engineering, Embedded Electronics and  Software Engineering that offers a wide range of Embedded System,WSN, MANETS, VANETS,OMNeT++, Ad Hoc Network, MATLABVLSI, MATLAB Simulink ,NS2 & NS3 Project, Data Science and Software Project Solutions like Web Development, Web Applications, Android Apps etc.

PhD Assistance:

Innovation System Plus  approaches each research work through unique methodology, research expertise, professors, data management experts, industry professionals and language & technical editors. We handle the PhD Assistance Research Work on different technical topics from various countries across the globe. We completely support at every stage from identification of topics to the final document of research scholars on various technical research topics.The Approach what we adopt brings the best result and facilitate the complete Research Study.

PhD Support Tools & Technology

We are team of experts that provides the appropriate PhD support 0n most advance & current technology. The industrial approach for the solution brings the advance learning for the research scholar manuscript. Our specialized experts identify and understood research scholar requirements and assist accordingly to deliver technically sound projects within the requested time frame.The technology we work with:

  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning
  • Python & Architecture Design
  • Cloud Computing
  • Network Security
  • Ns2 Ns3 & COOJA
  • MATLAB Simulink
  • VLSI
  • Embedded Electronic
  • WSN, MANETS, VANETS,OMNeT++, Ad Hoc Network

Our Approach For The Assistance

  1. Research Topic Selection
  2. Finalise Research Proposal
  3. Purpose of Research
  4. Identifying the Resources and Methodology
  5. Synopsis Writing
  6. Project Coding
  7. Assembling and Execution
  8. Paper Writing
  9. PhD Thesis Writing
  10. Final Assistance And General Review Support

PhD Research Topics:

  • Artificial Intelligence scheme utilization for color image demosaicing
  • Resource allocation and performance improvement in wireless sensor network using Cognitive Radios
  • Evolutionary computation approach and robust feature extraction for relevance feedback for content based image retrieval
  • QoS provisioning for Wireless Video transmission using adaptive Scalable Video coding approach
  • A robust approach for diabetes classification using retinal image
  • Blind audio separation and supervised learning for Automatic speech recognition using time and frequency domain feature analysis
  • Resource management and allocation in Device to Device communication for QoS provisioning
  • EMG signal classification for bio-medical assessment for Diabetes detection and classification
  • Abnormal Crowd behaviour detection and classification
  • Performance improvement of MIMO systems using efficient downlink and ulink scheduling approach.
  • Classification of remote sensing images using supervised claasification technique
  • Autonomous Robot navigation using artificial intelligence learning approach
  • PCB defect detection and classification using feature extraction schemes
  • Combined scheme of image compression and encryption using adaptive scheme
  • Data mining approach for learning disability classification
  • Remote sensing image ssegmentation, fusion and classification scheme using supervised classifier
  • QoS improvement in Wireless sensor network using evolutionary scheme
  • FPGA implementation of Medical image compression using DWT schemes
  • FinFETs: From Devices to Architectures
  • FinFET Circuit Design
  • Practical Physical Layer Network Coding forTwo-Way Relay Channels:Performance Analysis and Comparison
  • Game User-Oriented Multimedia Transmission over Cognitive Radio Networks.
  • QoE-Oriented Rate Allocation for Multi path High-Definition Video Streaming Over Heterogeneous Wireless Access Networks
  • QoS Oriented Mode, Spectrum and Power Allocation for D2D Communication
  • Underlaying LTE-A Network
  • A Scalable User Fairness Model for Adaptive Video Streaming over SDN-Assisted Future Networks
  • Retinal Area Detector From Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope (SLO) Images for Diagnosing Retinal Disease.
  • Assessing the Need for Referral in Automatic Diabetic Retinopathy Detection
  • Assessing the Need for Referral in Automatic Diabetic Retinopathy Detection
  • Information Fusion for Diabetic Retinopathy CAD in Digital Color Fundus Photographs.
  • Retrieval of Images using Combined Visual Features for Multi Object Images from the Databases.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the scope of PhD Study?

PhD Study is the higher study that offers the fields of research and experiment and so opens the vast area for the scientific approach for the study.

What are career option if we go for the Phd in Technical Field ?

Technical PhD opens the various option for the career like some are below:

  • Option To Become Professor.
  • R & D Team in The Company
  • Gating Doctorate Degree and Value Addition.
  • Working in the future Technology.

What are the most recent technology for the technology PhD Study?

PhD Study in the technical field all are good some most recent are below:


2.Cloud Computing & IoT

3.Machine Learning

4.Network Security

5.Artificial Intelligence & Architecture



8.NS2 NS3


What are the assistance do you provide?

Innovation System Plus provide the complete end to end assistance and guidance from Topic Selection to Thesis Writing and also final review support.

How does your service is different from the others ?

The 5 steps process makes us stand out and makes every stage as  quality support.

Step 1-Topic Selection

Step 2-Project Coding

Step 3-Paper Writing

Step 4-Long Synopsis

Step 5-Thesis Writing

Can you ensure us plagiarism free thesis writing ?

Yas, our thesis writing is 100 % plagiarism free.

How flexible are you for changes suggested by university ?

We support as per the university norms and guidelines and go with in hand in hand together as the guide. This approach facilitate your complete Phd Study to serve the purpose.

We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction and Assured Results. We have 100% Success Track Record with huge clientele list. More Information, Regarding PhD Assistance Please contact us at +91 8088913114