Assistance on NS2 NS3 Projects :

NS2 NS3 Projects-NS2 means Network Simulator Version 2 and it is an Open Source Event-Driven Simulator that is created especially for research in computer communication networks and provides substantial support to simulate a bunch of protocols like TCP, FTP, UDP, HTTP, and DSR.

PhD Assistance on NS2 and NS3NS-3 means Network Simulator Version 3 and has been developed to provide an open, extensible network simulation platform, for networking research and education. NS-3 provides models of how packet data networks work and perform, and provides a simulation engine for users to conduct simulation experiments.

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NS2 NS3 Projects List:

NS2 Projects:

    1. Efficient Energy Consumption by REB-R Protocol for WSN
    2. Linear and Remainder Packet Marking for Fast IP Trace Back
    3. Using Upstream Hop by Hop protocol For congestion control
    4. Secure Routing Algo against Sinkhole Attacks for MWSN’s
    5. Optimizing Transmission Energy By Clustering Size Using S-MAC in WSN’s
    6. SMCC using TCP Vegas: Self-Managing Congestion Control Algorithm System
    7. A Dual-Soft-Handoff Scheme For WLAN
    8. Scheme to Catch Packet Modifiers and Modifiers
    9. P2P Network Load Balancing Using Ant-based Load Balancing Algorithm
    10. MANET- Secure/Fast Data Transfer.

NS3 Projects:

    1. Performance of The Routing Protocols AODV, DSDV and OLSR in Health Monitoring Using NS3.
    2. Performance Analysis of Multicast Routing Protocols Using NS-3.
    3. Mobility Quantification for MultiPoint Relays Selection Algorithm in .Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
    4. A Distributed Prevention Scheme from Malicious Nodes in VANETs’ Routing Protocols
    5. Determining the network throughput and flow rate using GSR and AAL2R
    6. A Comparative Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols in MANET using NS3 Simulator
    7. Architecture and Implementation of An Information-Centric Device-to-Device Network
    8. Increasing network lifetime by energy-efficient routing scheme for OLSR protocol
    9. An NS3 Implementation of physical layer based on 802.11 for utility maximization of WSN
    10. A Dual-Soft-Handoff Scheme For WLAN