HADOOP is the part of Apache project sponsored by  Apache Software Foundation. It is open sourced JAVA Based programming framework and support processing and storage of extremely large data sets in a distributed computing environment. Before going through this students should have knowledge of Core JAVA, Data Base Concept and any of the Linux operating system flavours.

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  • Distributed Method of Biometric Pattern Comparison using Hadoop.
  • Analytical Model to Predict Cardiac Disease.
  • Prediction of person activity based on facial expression
  • Predictive Analytics of Election Campaign by Utilising Online Social Media and Hadoop
  • Hadoop Based Distributed Method of Captioning of Video.
  • Machine Learning In Classification of Consumer Products Based on Big Data Mined from Social Media
  • Machine Learning In Sentiment Analysis and Popularity Index of  Consumer Products Based on Big Data Mined from Social Media
  • Hadoop Based Predictive Analytics to Detect ATM and Credit Card Frauds
  • Web based Integration of R with Hadoop.